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Home Visits,

So You'd Like Santa To Visit?

No you don't....what you want is a truly magical experience that will live with your children forever. You want to hear the excitement in their voices as they scream, "HE'S HERE! IT'S SANTA!"

You want to see the beaming smiles on their faces as they get to meet the big man himself. You want to know, you've just made this the best Christmas ever.

So How Can We Do This?

Simple, by NOT telling you what's going to happen. No, instead, I'll tell you what most people do, then ask you a very important question...what would you like to happen?  Because you know your children better than anyone, wouldn't it make more sense if YOU told me what your children would like to happen?

Do they want to hear a story?

Do they want to know about my Reindeer? 

Have they got a question they have always wanted to ask Santa?

After making a few suggestions with advice gained from years of experience, we can create a home visit your children will never want to forget.

By planning out your Santa visit this way, you can add in those little details like, name of their teacher,  what they like doing and of course, asking if they liked the gift he gave them last year, things only the real Santa could know.


By the time we've finished, they'll know they just meet SANTA

To find out more about a Home Visit from Santa, click below.

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