(Only available within 10 miles of Warrington)

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"Thank you for a brilliant surprise, everyone said how they loved it and hadn't seen it before. We would not hesitate to recommend you, it made our day extre special."           

Julie & Steve Barber, Stockport


Your guests will love it when a passing chimney sweep  joins the Wedding, but can you imagine how impressed they are going to be when he starts performing Close Up Magic at your Reception?

Arriving as the Photos are being taken, Charlie gives a short amusing presentation, steals a kiss from the Bride (subject to restrictions) and presents the happy couple with a beautifully framed Personalised Certificate.

At A Church

Charlie is then available for photos with the guests.


After appearing at the Wedding, Charlie moves on to the Reception Venue, if it's at a different location.


Once at the Reception, your guests are treated to highly entertaining Close Up Magic, as Charlie mingles (subject to restrictions),  with them for the hour before the Wedding Breakfast.

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At A Stately Home

“This was the second wedding you have surprised my daughters and their guest’s, you have an excellent entertainment profile and they all enjoyed the day. The smiles on both my daughters faces said it all."

Barry Haworth, Rochdale.

What Are The Top 7 Reasons For People Booking
Charlie Brush Over Any Other "Lucky Chimney Sweep"

 1. 'They want someone with years of experience standing in front of a crowd, making an entertaining presentation.'

2. 'Do they want it to cost the earth?  No, They want value for money.'

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"I booked "Charlie Brush" as a suprise for my Bride, she was gobsmacked. He then went on to entertain the guest with magic. Everyone was astonished. Charlie Brush is the perfect addition to a Wedding."           

Elliott & Louise Parker, Durham

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3. 'They need someone with suitable Public Liability Insurance as a performer, because the venues insist on it.' *

4. 'They need someone who'll work well with the Photographer.'

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"Charlie was fabuluos, informative and very entertaining. He will certainly attend our other children's weddings."   

Kim Lee, Wigan

5.  'Most chimney sweeps don't want to do it.' (see number 3)

6.  'They also want a magician at their wedding and know it would be more economical to hire one person and not two.'

7.  'They have already seen Charlie at a wedding and/or he's been highly recommended to them.'

“We truly had a magical day, all our guests thought you were excellent, really enjoying your magic. We would recommend you to any couple planning to have you at their event. Thank you for making it a day to remember!”

Ben & Natalie Wheeler, Todmorden.


"Entertaining, value for money - informative, absolutely fantastic."

Jim Irvine, Liverpool

* Please note, Equity Public Liability Insurance covers against loss / damage or personal injury to someone or their belongings by the entertainer / presenter, whilst said entertainer/presenter is engaged in any activity of performance, relating to a performance / presentation in any location.  (When a real Chimney Sweep gets soot on the Wedding Dress or stands on the veil and rips it, will THEIR insurance cover it?)