GDPR – Protecting You Data.

As you probably know, on the May 25th 2018 the laws regards data storage changed. To set your mind at rest, let me explain my storage and retrieval system

First let me point out that I take your privacy very seriously. I never share or sell your data to a third party. The information taken is only that which is vital to helping me conduct my business in a way best suited to your needs.

This is my procedure:

To aid in following the data protection regulations, if you phone me, I ask you to contact me via my website. Once you have contacted me via my website or direct email, I reply with a templated form, giving you booking information and asking for information needed to proceed with the booking. These two emails are put into a File created in windows outlook, (the email server) and their fire wall, anti-virus and security systems protect it. I DO NOT SAVE THE INFORMATION ON MY PC.

(The name of the file is the date of the event and your first name only, eg Mark Smith has a wedding on 2nd July 2125 so the file name would be 21250702 mark) 

If after one month I have had no reply, I send a reminder email which is stored in your folder.

Two weeks later, if I have still not had a reply, the folder and all contents are permanently deleted.

If you do decide to book my service, we will communicate via email and all correspondence is kept in the folder. I will also send you via post, a contract to sign. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOUR INFORMATION WILL APPEAR IN PRINTED FORM.

Once the Booking has taken place, the file and all contents will be permanently deleted. This normally happens within 24 hours of completion of the booking.

The only Data which is retained is a copy of the signed contract. I have to keep all receipts and invoices for a minimum of six years in accordance to the laws pertaining to H.M.R.C. This form is securely stored in a locked cabinet in a secure storage area.

Please rest assured that every precaution is taken to ensure the protection of your information.

For further information, please call me on

07984 644205

and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.