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"There's lots of things other magicians try to keep from you, let me share some of their "dirty little secrets" 


Some magicians will tell you anything to get the booking.

Let’s start with LIE Number 1:  


You should only book a magician who is a member of  The Magic Circle.



The only people who say this are members trying and make you book them. The Magic Circle is just a magic club in London. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.


“But” I hear you cry, “You have to be really good at magic to be a member.” 


No you don't. They have members who are not performers but collectors and fascinated with the history of magic. Every magic society in the land says you must be good to join them, after all, would you want to brag about being in a club which didn’t?


LIE Number 2: 


Magicians who charge less than £350-£400 p/h, are not  professional and will do a bad job! 


This ploy is to justify their outrageous fees.  Don't believe me? Go on the wedding chat rooms and ask if anyone's booked a magician and for how much?

Also, please remember, if some good but young upcoming magician wants to get into the wedding field, he knows he can’t ask £300, no one would book him. So he’ll work cheap to get the experience, get some references and get known.


I may not be the cheapest magician around, but everyone says I'm great value for money!


Many magicians will give you a discount but ONLY if it suits them. (Example, I give a discount if you book me at a Wedding Fair.)


LIE Number 3: 


They are the Wedding Expert.


Are they? Get a clue, look at their left hand, if it’s not got a wedding band on it, they know nothing! How can they be an “Expert”? They have no real idea or experience of the turmoil you are going through planning your Wedding.


It would be like asking someone with a remote control toy car to fix a Bugatti!

Something else they try to keep from you, "The 9.30pm cut off”


If  you have ever  been to a Wedding, you will know that after the buffet, the lights get dimmed and the D.J. turns up the volume. (This tends to happen around 9.30pm) 


You can't hear yourself think for the "Thump,Thump,Thump" of the music, and you have to use your sense of touch to find your glass, it's so dark! 


When this happens, the magician needs to move into another area, like the bar lounge, because if he stays in the main room, no one can hear him and no one can see what he’s doing. If there’s not another room for him to work, you’re just wasting your money.

So why don’t they tell you this? If there’s not another room you would only book the magician up to 9.30 pm and that would mean less money for them.

In Conclusion


Only book if YOU are happy with the fee and if they offer to work till 1.00 am, remember the 9.30 cut off. 


Take a look at their website, how are they dressed?  


Do they look like a professional entertainer who will fit in?  


Do they have a lot of experience?  


Do they really know your needs? Look for testimonials.

Do they have a Guaranteed Money Back policy?


Finally, if they “Ring True” it will show on their left hand.

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